Pokemon Clothes

121 products

121 products

Pokemon clothes for all tastes

Retro-Worlds offers a wide variety of pokemon clothes, you will be able to find Pokemon t-shirts and Pokemon hoodies. All our products are available for boys as well as for girls by paying attention to the size guide.

We have a large choice of retro gaming designs with pokemons that you know and have used during your adventures. But you'll also find pokemon trainers that you've loved to face and that gave you a hard time.

The success of Pokemons is timeless, you can now wear your favorite Pokemon t-shirt no matter what your age. If you're looking to give a gift to someone you care about, then you've come to the right place. 

Pokemon t-shirt for adults and kids

Our 100% cotton t-shirts are available for adults and kids according to our size guide. You will find a perfect sewing and a good quality whether it is for the fabric or for the printing.

Our t-shirts are also available in a variety of colors, so no matter what your style, you'll find the color that suits you best to complete your look.

Pokemon t-shirt men and women

You can find different sizes S/M/L/XL,  available for both men and women. You will have the choice between several colors also according to your tastes. Find pokemon t-shirts of Charmander, Totodile, Mewtwo or even Lugia and Ho-Oh!

We make sure to update our catalog of pokemon clothing as often as possible. At any time you can find a new design that you like and that you will want to wear proudly during your day.

Pokemon Hoodie men and women 

As for the t-shirts, you will have the choice between a multitude of designs for the hoodies, whether you are a man or a woman no difference you will only have to pay attention to the size depending on how you decide to wear it. If you want an oversized Pokemon clothes then you can take a size up.

Our hoodies are meticulously crafted and printed in high quality to bring you a garment that you will love and want to wear every day.

Sizes range from S to XL and can be worn by children from size S to adults in XL.

Enjoy your favorite Pokemon now and take it with you on your daily adventure.